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Why do the original name brand toner cartridges cost so much ?

Typically printer manufacturers make very little or even no profit on the initial printer sale. By using the razor blade strategy,  they then plan to make up for the initial low profit margin on their high profit sales of toner cartridges to you in the future. So this is why the original name brand toner cartridges are so expensive.

Will using compatible printer cartridges void my printer warranty or affect my service contract ?

NO. The manufacturer is not allowed to void the warranty on your printer because you are using a compatible or remanufactured cartridge. Your existing printer warranty is still in effect and we give you a one year warranty on all of our compatible printer toner cartridges and related products.

How do compatible toner cartridges compare to the original name brand toner cartridges ?

The quality of our products equal or exceed the quality of original brand. This is because our products are made with the finest quality components under strict ISO 9001 & 14001 manufacturing procedures. And our products are manufactured in some of the largest quality conscious factories in the world.

How can I place an order ?

We accept orders anytime from our secure online shopping cart, or you can call toll-free 1-844-39 TONER (398 6637) Monday thru Friday between 8am and 4pm(Pacific Time). Orders can also be mailed-in to us with a check.

How can I pay for my order ?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can mail in a check with your order. And we will also accept Official Purchase Orders from Schools, Universities, Local, City, State and Federal government agencies as well as large corporations(Fortune 500). P.O.'s can be sent by  E-Mail or Regular Mail. Payment terms for P.O.'s will be Net 15 days from the invoice date.

When will I receive my order and how much will the shipping cost ?

For orders received by 3pm Pacific time, products will be delivered next day in most major metropolitan areas of the country.

Shipping is free. 39 Dollar Toner will pay your shipping cost.